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yunan-o-misr-o-ruma sab mit gaye jahaan se
ab tak magar hai baaqi naam-o-nishaan hamara

Translation :
In a world in which ancient Greece, Egypt, and Rome have all vanished without trace,
Our own attributes (name and sign) live on today.

These lines are a part of Mohammed Iqbal’s famous poem “ Saare Jahan se Achcha”. Independence brought out feelings of patriotism, pain of separation and hope for an expected brighter future. Literature produced at the time had many brewing emotions, which sprouted out. As part of the Independence Day celebration and in memory of all those who lost their lives, lets discover some heart wrenching stories and poems.

Date : 14.08.12

Time: 7.30pm * ( Please note it is not 7.00pm as printed in the PT notes)

Place: Prithvi Theatre, Juhu

Independence Day Special

Independence Day Special