Subuk – light /delicate

Poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz has used this word beautifully in this poem “Subh-e- Azadi” (The Dawn of Freedom)

An excerpt from the poem is given below:

subuk-subuk thi tamanna dabi-dabi thi thakan
sunaa hai ho bhi chukaa hai firaaq-e-zulmat-e-noor
sunaa hai ho bhi chukaa hai wisaal-e-manzil-o-gaam


Desires, delicate and light; languor, suppressed and slight.
It’s claimed that darkness and light are already separated,
It’s claimed that the seeking and the sought have already united.

It is a difficult poem to comprehend but it sounds pleasing to the ears when you hear it in Naseeruddin Shah’s voice below:

Related words :
Subuki : sobbing
Subukna : to sob