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Did you know that poet Mirza Ghalib’s tomb complex covers an area of 3,500 sq ft and is tucked away in Nizamuddin Basti, a densely populated 14th century Delhi village.

This tomb has been restored and the courtyard is paved with red sandstone, white marble inlays and ornamental patterns. A Ghalib couplet given below is inscribed on a marble slab in Urdu as well as in Hindi and English translations.

Na tha kuchch to Khuda tha,
kuchch na hota to Khuda hota 
duboya mujhko hone ne,
na hota main to kya hota 
When nothing was, then God was there,
Had nothing been, God would have been;
My being has defeated me
Had I not been, what would have been
Tomb of Mirza Ghalib

Tomb of Mirza Ghalib

How to get there : Hazrat Nizamuddin Basti, Nearest Metro Station Khan Market/Jangpura. Delhi, India

For More details check out the blog piece of ‘thedelhiwalla’. They have an interesting article on the restoration process of the tomb as well as about the monument along with photographs.