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We introduce you to our friends and Urdu enthusiasts from across the border in Pakistan – Zambeel Dramatic Readings is a group formed in September 2011 in Karachi by Mahvash Faruqi, Asma Mundrawala and Saife Hasan, who share a background in theatre and aim to present texts in Urdu and English rendered in their dramatised form, to create a dynamic collusion between literature and performance. “Referencing traditions of storytelling and the contemporary form of the radio play, our works traverse time and geographical boundaries to interpret and enliven narratives through sound and recitation”. Visit them at http://zambeeldramaticreadings.wordpress.com/

Click here to view some of their readings of Manto’s stories in Aao manto Sunein.

Meaning of Zambeel: The word Zambeel means a bag, but the word is more resonant of the mythical magical bag belonging to Amar Ayyar of the Amir Hamza tales. (Ammar Ayyar ki Zambeel). It’s magical quality gave it infinite possibilities of hiding and emerging anything in and from it. Click here to know more about the origin of the word : http://zambeeldramaticreadings.wordpress.com/posts/