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We have chosen music from the winds and the raindrops splashing on tin roofs, the scent from fresh mud and the drenched leaves, we are orchestrating a symphony with nature while magical words of renowned poets waft around at our Mehfil. Come join us.


Fikr Momin ki,

Zabaan Daagh ki,
Ghalib ka bayaan,
Mir ka rang-e-sukhan ho toh ghazal hoti hai,
Sirf alfaaz hi maani nahi paida karte,
Jazb-e-khidmate fan ho toh ghazal hoti hai.

The imagination of Momin,
The language of Daagh,
The style of Ghalib
The flair of Mir makes a ghazal come alive,
Words alone don’t create meaning,
Dedication to the art makes a ghazal come alive

The above poem may have difficult words to comprehend but the fluid nature makes it soothing to the ears. The part for the whole gives us a sense of the poetic expression. At mehfil we invite you to listen to the works of masters in a poetry reading session. We have created an eclectic mix wherein we have hand picked some popular verses, couplets and lines by acclaimed poets like Mir, Daagh, Faiz and more. Lets get mesmerized in their universe of poetry and romance in their galaxy of words.

Date – 10.07.12
Time-7.00pm to 9.00pm
Place- Prithvi
Entry Free