Did You Know the great ghazal singer, songwriter and musician, late Jagjit Singh’s birth name was Jagmohan Singh, but this was changed to Jagjit after his parents consulted a member of the Sikh Namdhari sect who predicted that he would get a lot a lot of success (translated in Hindi as ‘jeet’) in life and hence his name was changed to Jagjit Singh.

In his childhood, he was hoping to become an IAS officer, but his father spotted his natural talent in classicial music and encouraged him in that area!

Singh learned music in Sikh temples and from musicians such as Pandit Chaganlal Sharma and Ustad Jamaal Khan, both of whom were trained in classical Indian music.

(As mentioned by Jagjit Singh himself, in the TV Show “Jagjit Singh: A Tribute” on Sony Mix)