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Chunancheh – accordingly, so that, for instance, for example

I remember studying French when I was a little girl in school and then in college, and I remember falling in love with the word parapluie (meaning umbrella in french). I don’t know why I loved the word, i think i liked the sound of it, it had such a pleasant ring to it. I also remember naming everything parapluie { as if it meant ma cherie ( my dear in french)}- my toys, my friends pet, I even called my mother parapluie occasionally in way that it would sound affectionate.

Some words connect with our subconscious and stay with us, i find it futile to scratch the surface and dig deep to understand why we feel like that. I attribute the quality of some words to the sound of the waves, the whiff of scent in the air or the sound of birds. You don’t question why you like them, you just do. Also i connect words with people. Some you love, some you like and some are there as mere acquaintances.

Chunancheh does the magic for me. I love the sound of it. It makes me feel like i am sun bathing in Cinque Terre, sipping on a chilled drink from a fancy looking glass and as if this word just falls from the sky and brushes my cheek gently…. for example- chunancheh

Chunancheh is widely used in in Urdu prose and poetry.