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For all those who think that the city of Mumbai does not have too much to offer creatively speaking please head to NGMA ( National Gallery of Mordern Art) and we assure you, that you are in for an riveting experience. NGMA has never been as much fun. Project Cinema City has pumped in the much needed zest and helped the gallery to get a facelift.

Calendar Project

Calendar Project

Project Cinema City is a set of enquiries into the labour, imagination, desire, access, spaces, locations, ionization, materiality, and hidden processes that create the cinemas the city makes, and also the cities its cinema produces. The enquiries are then processed into productions of text, film art, cartography. The multi disciplinary research work, produced output and all the residuals together form a cinema city archive that is transient and open ended to facilitate further readings, more works.

Various installation and art works are incredibly imaginative and exciting. One of our favorite is the calendar project.  A cluster of artists have showcased how cinema has vividly influenced the idea of popular icons as reflected in calendars over the years.

Artist - Atul Dodiya  "14 stations"

Artist – Atul Dodiya “14 stations”

One floor has a series of paintings by Artist Atul Dodiya titled “14 stations” which showcases his physical and figurative journey from Ghatkopar to South Mumbai with unique paintings of big-screen villains. The names of the stations are written in urdu, english and hindi.

There are a range of beautiful art works that titillate your senses.Showcasing 13 artworks and 10 shorts films, the exhibition also comprised seminars and panel discussions.This exhibition, which commemorates 100 years of Indian cinema, has been brought forth by the National Gallery of Modern Art, Ministry of Culture, Government of India in collaboration with Majlis, a centre for interdisciplinary art practices in Mumbai. The project has been executed in collaboration with Kamala Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture and Environment Studies (KRVIA) and curated by Madhusree Dutta with Archana Hande.

Urduness floats gently while you stroll through the gallery.

Details :

NGMA, Colaba- 19th May 2012 – 29th June 2012

Cinema City film screenings every Saturday & Sunday 1- 5 pm

Guided walk through of the exhibition with curators/artists every Friday 2 – 4, 4 – 6 pm

For further details you can check their website :