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There are many words that have become common parlance in our everyday life, and yet, it never occurs to us that they are Urdu words or have their roots in Urdu. We assume that these words are part of the Hindi vocabulary . Given below are some such Urdu words and their Hindi equivalent. Please feel free to add to the list.

Zindagi – life (Jeevan in Hindi)
Khwab – dream (Sapna in Hindi)
Tanha – alone (Akela in Hindi)
Mohabbat / Ishq – love (pyaar in Hindi)
Arzoo/Khwahish (derived from Persian) – desire/wish (Ichcha in hindi)
Jahan – world (Duniya in Hindi)

Kitaab – book (Pustak in Hindi)

Raabta (derived from Arabic) – bond, relationship (Rishta in Hindi)