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‘Shar’ has its roots in Persian and connotes violence or trouble. Hence a ‘shar-pasand’ person is a trouble maker.
‘Aab’ is the Urdu word for water. Punj-aab is the land of 5 rivers.

Hence, shar-aab is water that creates trouble, otherwise known as liquor or wine.
Another word for sharaab in Urdu is also ‘mai’ and ‘mai-khana’ is a tavern/bar. ‘Saghar’ is the Urdu lafz for a wine goblet.

Here is an intoxicating couplet by Meer Taqi Meer:
Yaaron khataa ma’af meri, main nashe mein hoon
Saghar mein mai, mai mein nasha, main nashe mein hoon

Friends forgive my sins, I’m inebriated. There’s wine in the cup, intoxication in the wine, I’m inebriated.

Sharaabi was also a popular 1984 Bollywood film directed by Prakash Mehra starring Amitabh Bachchan in the lead as a Sharaabi (drunkard). It was loosely based on Dudley Moore’s ‘Arthur’. Below is a popular song from the movie: