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Sej – bed/bedding/couch

The word Sej has been used widely by writers and poets to establish a specific mood.

Khaboon ki sej par – on a bed of dreams
Phoolon ki sej par– on a bed of flowers

  • Popular Lyricist Sameer has used the word Sej in a lithe and effective manner. The couplet below is an excerpt from a film song.

Yeh raat khushnaseeb hai, jo apne chaand ko Kaleje se lagaaye so rahi hai
Yahan to gam ki sej par, hamaari aarzoo Akeli munh chhupaaye ro rahi hai
This night is lucky, as it is sleeping having taken the moon amidst its loftiness
Over here in a bed of pain my desire is crying hiding her face in solitude.

  • In Hindustani* Amir Khusro (13th century scholar) has beautifully laced the word Sej in a couplet.

Sej wo sooni dekh ke rovun main din raen, 

Piya piya main karat hoon pehron, pal bhar sukh na chaen.
Day and night, I see an empty bed, and cry
Calling for my beloved, I remain restless forever.

(*Hindustani is a language which is made up of the common parts of Hindi and Urdu. Hindi and Urdu have very similar grammar. They also have many words in common.)

  • As an aside :

In english, SEJ is a very popular acronym used for Society of Environmental Journalists.The Society of Environmental Journalists was founded in 1990 by a small group of award-winning journalists, including reporters, editors, and producers working for The Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today, Turner Broadcasting, Minnesota Public Radio, and National Geographic. Today, SEJ’s membership includes more than 1,400 journalists and academics working in every type of news media in the United States, Canada, Mexico and 27 other countries.

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