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 Our thoughts:

A thing of beauty is a treasure forever – John Keats.

Mirza Ghalib’s poetry has that beauty in every couplet, its treasures have spread through generations.

When we read the article that was published by the newspaper DNA titled “Mirza Ghalib is fanning hate feelings: Cops’ theory,” we were appalled by the laxity with which accusations were made.

Lack of knowledge can be dangerous. Such deeds by the cops are a sure shot way of alienating an already oblivious audience from the magical pleasures of this lyrical language –Urdu.

It is imperative to understand the milieu in which a writer/poet wrote and its implications. It is also imperative to hear or know all sides of a particular story.

What if a terror group student was found reading a book on Mahatma Gandhi or Mother Teresa? Well we guess then there would be no story!

  • We would like to thank fellow urduwallahs Taran Khan, Varsha Naik and Deepti Dadlani for this contribution.