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Mere dil ke nihaan-khaane mein ik tasveer hai meri
Khuda jaane usay kis ne banaaya, kab banaaya tha
Ye posheeda hai mere doston se aur mujh se bhi
Kabhi bhoole se lekin main usay gar dekh leti hoon
Usay khud se milaaun to mera dil kaanp jaata hai


Deep in the recesses of my heart hangs a picture of myself
God knows who painted it and when
There it remains hidden from me and my friends
But if ever I glimpse at it, even by accident,
My heart shudder at the comparison with myself

The poem in its original Urdu script is below:










The poem above is written by Fahmida Riaz. She is a well known Urdu writer, poet and feminist. Along with Zehra Nigah, Parveen Shakir and Kishwar Naheed, Riaz is amongst the most prominent female Urdu poets. She is the author of GodaavariKhatt-e Marmuz, and Khana e Aab O Gil, the first translation of the Masnavi by Jalauddin Rumi from Farsi to Urdu and she has also translated the works of Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai and Shaikh Ayaz from Sindhi to Urdu.