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The film Pyaasa commences with Vijay (Guru Dutt-actor/director) lying on the grass in a small park in Calcutta looking at the trees, flowers and the birds circling in the sky. A voice over recitation of the poem is heard in the style of a soliloquy.

Ye Hanste huwe phool, ye mehka huwa gulshan
Ye rang mein aur noor mein doobi huwi raahen,
Ye phoolon ka ras pi ke machalte huwe bhanware
Main Doon bhi toh kya doon tumhen ae shokh nazaaro
Le- de ke mere pas kuch aansu hain kuchh aahen

“These smiling flowers, this fragrant garden,
These paaths dipped in colour and light”
Drinking nectoar of the flowers, the bees sway,
What can I give to you, O splendid Nature?”
All I have is few tears a, a few sighs.”

Dialogues –  Abrar Alvi , Lyrics –  Sahir Ludhianvi.

  • Nareen Munni Kabir’s book titled The dialogue of Pyaasa has the entire script of film Pyaasa transcribed in urdu, hindi and english.

Waheeda Rehman and Guru Dutt in Pyaasa