Zohra is Urdu for Venus, the planet. It’s a morning star, also goddess of love and beauty in Roman mythology
Zohra jabeen means a person with a forehead (implying a face) that reflects the beauty of Zohra/Venus.
It has been beautifully used in the popular yesteryear Hindi film song, from the movie Waqt.. Lyrics are below with a link to the song:

Aye meri zohra-jabeen, tujhe maalum nahi
Tu abhi tak hai haseen aur main jawaan
Tujhpe qurbaan meri jaan meri jaan

Ye shokhiyaan ye baankpan (smartness), Jo tujh mein hai kahi nahi
Dilo ko jeetne ka fan, Jo tujh mein hai kahi nahi
Main teri…Main teri aankho mein paa gaya do jahaan
Aye meri zohra-jabeen…

Tu meethhe bol jaan-e-man, Jo muskuraake bol de
To dhadhkano mein aaj bhi, Sharaabi rang ghol de
Oh sanam… Oh sanam main tera aashiq-e-jaawida
Ae meri zohra-jabeen…