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Yeh Masail-e-Tasawwuf..Yeh tera bayaan Ghalib,
Tujhe hum wali samajhte, jo na baadakhwaar hota

Masail – topic or subject of discussion; tasawwuf – philosophy, mysticismWali – one of the names of Khuda/God, hence in this context it means a friend of God or God himself; Baadakhwar – someone who drinks alcohol

In the couplet Ghalib is telling himself that the way you (Ghalib) talk of philosophy ..the mystical way in which you explain it..You would have been considered a saint or God himself…If only you did not drink so much.

This Ghalib couplet is also the inspiration for Gulzar’s newly released CD compilation, Tera bayaan Ghalib – an ode from a music maestro to his legends. In this two-CD compilation, Salim Arif has brought together three legendary personalities, Gulzar, Jagjit Singh and Mirza Ghalib that have been at the forefront of making Urdu more accessible and mainstream to us. This must-have compilation has music virtuoso Gulzar Saab reciting letters and ghazals of legendary Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib and has music & ghazals by the late Jagjit Singh. Below is a preview to the album: