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For anyone with even a transitory love and interest in Urdu, a viewing of the 1980’s Pakistani PTV serial, Dhoop Kinaray (at the edge of the Sun) is a must. The production values are not great, given today’s cinematic advances, and even getting a hold of the DVD is quite a task (some stores on Lamington Road in Bombay have a copy). But if you really want to get a taste of the tehzeeb, the inherent respect and beauty that is contained in this language, do immerse yourself into the lives of Dr Ahmer Ansari (actor Rahat Kazmi) and Zoya Ali Khan (actor Marina Khan), the key protagonists of this drama. A beautiful Faiz Ahmed Faiz ghazal which was part of the background score of the show is below:

Raat yun dil mein terii khoyii huii yaad aayii
Jaise viiraane mein chupke se bahaar aa jaaye
Jaise sehraaon mein hauley se chale baad-e-nasiim
jaise biimaar ko be-vajh qaraar aa jaaye

viiraana – empty fields; sehraa- desert; baad-e-nasiim – the breeze; qaraar – get relief and happiness