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Mirza Asadullah Khan  Ghalib

aate hain ghaib se ye mazaameen khayaal mein,
‘Ghalib’, sareer-e-Khaama nawa-e-sarosh hai.

Ghaib = hidden/mysterious,
mazaameen = topics,
sareer = scratching sound made by a pen,
Khaama = pen,
nawa = sound,
sarosh = angel

In this couplet Ghalib expresses:
When mysteriously topics or subjects come in ones thoughts,
Then the sound made by the pen, resonates like the voice or sound of angles.

Our interpretation to this couplet is that thoughts, ideas, subjects and topics mysteriously make their way into your subconscious, when you put these thoughts on paper it is like the voice of god or angels and thus the sound of the moving pen has a feeling of divinity.