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Roshandaan literally means “that which has/admits light”. This is the title of the book written by renowned writer Mr. Javed Siddiqui which was released on Sunday 20th of November 2011 at Bhavan’s college (Andheri)

Many Urdu enthusiasts attended the book release function held in the evening and the audience was enthralled by speeches made by various Urdu connoisseurs. Gulzar saab in his speech mentioned that Javed’s work not only captures peoples lives but also a period in history, which is slowly eroding from our minds. Shabana Azmi who was also present praised Javed Siddiqui and particularly mentioned that the most endearing role of her career has been Amrita in the play “ Tumhari Amrita” scripted by Mr. Javed SIddiqui.

Mr. Shauki an Urdu professor explained the art of writing in Roshandaan, which is called ‘khake’ when loosely translated means life sketches. Javed Siddiqui has picked up characters from his personal life and weaved a beautiful life sketch such that the reader can actually feel their habits and personality come through explicitly. These life sketches are written as short stories.

The story titled “Hajyani “ is one such story he has written. A screenplay has been adapted on this story and a 30-minute short film was screened at the function.

The evening ended with Javed Saab thanking the audience, his friends and especially his family for their support.

It is an irony that a man, who has spent most of his years reading and writing, is loosing his eyesight. That has not deterred his spirit. The message the audience took back after the show was impossible is nothing.

The book is released in Urdu but the Hindi versions will be out on the stands soon.