Koi mere dil se pooche tere teer-e-neemkash ko
Ye khalish kahan se hoti, jo jigar ke paar hota

I just love how you can combine two words to form a meaningful word, in Urdu. Teer-e-neemkash is one such word which means half drawn arrow. This beautiful sher penned by the great Mirza Ghalib elegantly expresses the anguish and anxiety (khalish) of the lover and teer-e-neem-kash makes it all the more rhythmical and melancholic.
Some fascinating examples of using the Urdu vowel ‘Zer’ (the connecting ‘e’ used to combine two words) –
Dard-e-dil (the heart’s anxiety when one pines for its lover), nakaabil-e-bardaasht (intolerable), visaal-e-yaar (meeting with lover), Tark-e-muhabbat (Break Up, Abandonment Of Love) shareek-e-hayat (life partner). Please feel free to add to the list :)